Tile and grout cleaning in Geelong

Barwon Restoration Services can take the hassle out of one of the most difficult and disliked cleaning tasks there is – tile and grout cleaning. Tile and grout cleaning can be tough, especially where there is ground-in grime and dirt that is difficult to remove!

Let the experts at Barwon Restoration Services do the job for you. We will provide you with the best grout cleaner and tile cleaner you need, along with a fantastic can-do attitude and all the right products and equipment to have your grout clean and tiles shining.

Over time, tiled surfaces often become marked by tiny scratches, providing your tiles with the perfect locations for dirt, grime and bacteria to collect. It addition, the porous nature of grout also lends itself to being another location for moisture to collect. The moisture attracts bacteria which can over time cause the grout to discolour and harbour unhealthy germs.

A tile and grout cleaner from Barwon Restoration Services will have your grout and tiled surfaces clean and looking like new with the latest technology and equipment. We also use quality detergents and a high-pressure steam cleaner to get into the areas that are hard to reach and remove the dirt and grime that is hard to shift. The surface of the tiles is finally polished and buffed to provide an “as new” shine.

We use environmentally friendly tile and grout cleaning products which are neutral and completely biodegradable. You won’t be left with unpleasant chemical fumes and odours and our products are non-toxic and provide the much-needed commercial grade cleaning strength for thorough tile and grout cleaning.

Barwon Restoration Services can also clean commercial premises or homes with our commercial window cleaning, commercial floor cleaners and Geelong commercial carpet cleaning services. For all your cleaning needs you can rely on the friendly and professional team at Barwon Restoration Services.