Geelong commercial floor cleaners resurrect vinyl floor

August 24, 2016

Our Geelong floor cleaners walk the walk

There are plenty of good reasons for choosing Geelong commercial floor cleaner Barwon Restoration Services to clean and restore your business’s floors.

But rather than just tell you the reasons, we thought we’d show you the work involved and prove we don’t just talk the talk, we actually walk the walk, which is pretty handy, really, because walking is primarily what floors are designed for and restoring them is what we do best. Check out the gallery of photographs below and see for yourself the transformation of a vinyl floor which has undergone our expert attention.

Like so many things in life, we believe the key to achieving a great finish on a vinyl floor lies in the preparation that goes into the job. With that in mind, the first step to restoring a dull and lack-lustre vinyl floor involves one of our expert commercial floor cleaners in Geelong removing the old polish.

Barwon Restoration Services has invested in  new technology which ensures we achieve optimal results without the use of harsh chemicals which can damage the environment. Our floor scrubber removes three coats of old polish on each run and it is crucial for the best results that we remove all the old polish from the floor.

Once we’ve removed all the old polish our commercial floor cleaner tackles the vinyl with an auto scrubber which ensures the surface is completely clean and then, to increase the shine of the finished surface, we give the vinyl a final buff.

When we’re happy the floor is clean and buffed we apply three coats of high-quality sealer and once the polish has had 24 hours to cure we recommend a finishing buff for a good-as-new finish.

As you’ll see from our series of photographs, the transformation is amazing. If you’d like similar results with your vinyl floor, contact Barwon Restoration Services’ commercial floor cleaners in Geelong. We’re happy to help.