Flood damage cleaning in Geelong

A water emergency can happen when you least expect it or want it and can happen because of a burst or leaking pipe, or a natural disaster such as a severe storm or flood.

Whatever the reason for needing the services of a Geelong flood damage cleaning business, you want to be able to call someone you can trust to be there in any emergency situation. And you can trust the team here at Barwon Restoration Services. Another causeĀ of water damage could be fire-fighting efforts where your home or business has been affected by a fire. In these circumstances, Barwon Restoration Services is able to provide our professional fire damage cleaning services in Geelong.

When it comes to flood restoration and water damage restoration Geelong-wide, it is essential to extract the excess water as soon as possible once the water emergency is contained. Where the floor surfaces are covered in carpet, you need immediate wet carpet restoration as it is imperative the carpet is completely dried within 12 hours of the water emergency. After 12 hours, remaining moisture allows for various types of harmful bacteria and fungi to develop. These bacteria and fungi may be harmful to human health and can cause illnesses including respiratory infections, asthma and bronchitis. For individuals already suffering from these conditions, the illness may be at risk of progression to a more severe disease if exposure to the damp conditions continues. If mould starts growing, you can rely on our Geelong mould removal services to ensure your home or business premises are expertly treated to remove the problem.

After you’ve made the call to us in the unfortunate event you need flood damage restoration or carpet restoration in Geelong, we make a time to get to your property as soon as possible. We use moisture sensors to determine the scope of the damage caused by the water.

Excess water is removed and our technicians will sanitise the entire area to ensure there is no mould infestations and related risks to the health and well-being of occupants.

Our technicians will then set up drying equipment where it is required. Please don’t turn the drying equipment off or open or close windows unless you have been told by the technician that it is OK to do so. Changing the drying conditions will alter the drying times and may adversely affect the outcome of the carpet restoration process.

Barwon Restoration Services will check on the progress of the water damage restoration until we are satisfied with the results. Contact us for expert flood restoration Geelong-wide.