Geelong mould removal

Mould can cause damage to your home or business premises as well as posing serious health risks to occupants.

Mould thrives in moist conditions and these are most often present after a water emergency such as a flood, burst pipe, leaking roof, or stagnant water that remains after fire fighting efforts to contain a fire in the building. Whatever the reason, it is vital to begin mould remediation as quickly as possible, as mould can spread throughout a building as quickly as 12 to 24 hours after a water emergency needing water damage restoration.

Mould cleaning needs to be carried out by trained technicians as there are real risks if you attempt to remove the mould yourself. You are more likely to simply spread the mould spores rather than remove them, and cleaning with bleach or other cleaners will not kill the mould.

After contacting Barwon Restoration Services, we will despatch one of our trained technicians to assess your premises and identify both the mould and the source of the mould. They will then contain the affected area to stop contamination spreading to other areas of the home or business. Anti bacterial and anti microbial cleaners and sealants are used to lessen the risk of future mould infestation.

For expert mould removal Geelong-wide, contact the professionals here at Barwon Restoration Services. We are also available for all flood damage cleaning and Geelong cleaning restoration services.