Geelong commercial carpet and floor cleaning FAQ

Do you offer commercial grade carpet cleaning services?

Yes we do. Commercial grade carpets are made to withstand much higher levels of use and are designed to be supremely functional. When you need professional commercial carpet cleaning, you can rely on Barwon Restoration Services for a Geelong commercial grade carpet cleaner. Our commercial grade carpet cleaners are trained to remove stains and rejuvenate your carpets.

We have a large hard floors in the foyer of our office. Do you clean hard floors?

Yes. Hard floors are a specialty. Barwon Restoration Services can provide the services of a trained commercial floor cleaner Geelong-wide, who has the equipment and know-how to get your floors clean and sparkling like new! Contact us when you need commercial floor cleaners in Geelong.

Our windows are too high to reach and they’re filthy. Help!

We provide domestic as well as commercial window cleaning Geelong-wide. When you have windows that are too high to reach or too many to count, you need a professional commercial window cleaner!

Our house has just been flooded after a burst water pipe. What do we do now?

Once you have ensured the water pipe is shut off, call us at Barwon Restoration Services and we can make a time to inspect your home as soon as possible to determine the type and scope of Geelong cleaning restoration services that are needed.