Keeping your commercial grade carpet in tip-top condition!

November 26, 2015

Just as in our homes, carpets in business premises and offices can really take a beating! For a start there are usually many more people who occupy an office than a home on a daily basis, and if the business welcomes customers or clients, such as a café, you can multiply those figures substantially.

Even with regular vacuuming, daily or twice daily vacuuming, you can’t get to that deep-down dirt and grime and over time your commercial carpets will start to look faded, dull and dirty – not something you want your customers or clients to be greeted with when they walk in the door.

The first thing to do is to remember that regular vacuuming is still vital to keep your commercial carpets in good condition. Regularly removing dust, dirt and grime is important, so ensure this routine continues.

The second thing is to be aware of some basic commercial grade carpet cleaner techniques when you are faced with a common spill or accident in your office or business premises. Ensuring that a spill is cleaned and treated as quickly as possible is key to keeping a carpet in good condition and getting as much, if not all, of the spill removed. It’s also important to note that even though you may still need to call a professional Geelong commercial grade carpet cleaner to clean the carpet, getting much of the spill quickly removed will help lessen or even remove entirely, the chance of a spill or stain setting.

And that’s the third thing to remember. Always call your Geelong commercial grade carpet cleaner when you have a bad spill, especially one that is in an obvious spot on the floor. While you may be able to clean up most of the stain, if the residue is not effectively removed the stain will continue to show through time and time again, regardless of how many times you try to clean it.