What does a good Geelong commercial carpet cleaner do?

November 17, 2015

Whether at home or at your place of business, there’s something wonderful about a soft and clean carpet underfoot.

Stains, grit and dirt as well as yucky odours can all work together to ruin a carpet and in turn a whole room. If you don’t keep a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule for your carpets, they can quickly deteriorate and look and smell terrible, especially in a commercial environment.

If your carpets have got to this stage, call a Geelong commercial carpet cleaner. At Barwon Restoration Services, our friendly, trained technicians will inspect your carpets to determine what they are made of and how best to tackle any stains or odours. If the carpets are in fairly reasonable condition, a simple light surface carpet cleaning may be all they require. The carpet will be shampooed with a special, environmentally friendly carpet shampoo using a buffer machine. Once dried, any residue will be vacuumed up.

Where a deeper clean is required, we use the latest advances in technology to ‘steam clean’ your carpets with a pressurised combination of carpet shampoo and hot water. Excess water is immediately vacuumed away.

Whatever level of carpet cleaning you need, you can rely on Barwon Restoration Services and our Geelong commercial carpet cleaners to provide you with exceptional service at an affordable price.